Paying for your new pool…

Our pool customers are often asking us about finance. Here at Rainwise we have researched options and have come up with a great answer.


A new Rainwise Swimming Pool will not only add value to your property, it will also add value to your lifestyle.

Rainwise are proud to have collaborated with Aussie Home Loans Doncaster to offer easy finance solutions for our customers.

The team at Aussie Doncaster know our pools and they understand our business and the value and quality that we offer. Using this knowledge, we believe they can best assist our customers find the most suitable finance options.


We all know that using your own money is the best and cheapest way to pay for anything but with such a significant purchase as a pool, often this is just not an option. We understand this and from this understanding came our relationship with Aussie.

Geoff and the team at Aussie Doncaster can explain the best ways of financing your new Rainwise Pool.

The most popular methods are:

  • A personal loan
  • Home Finance

Each method has certain benefits and your Aussie Doncaster broker can help you make an informed decision about which is best for you.


Imagine a pool for less than $6 a week!


The team at Aussie can explain the benefits of incorporating your new Rainwise Pool into a less expensive home loan and help you find a more competitive lender. The potential savings from refinancing are often significant, not only helping you reduce the interest you pay on the pool purchase but also potentially helping you pay off your home loan much sooner.

More importantly, it is possible that adding your new pool to your home loan will only slightly increase your scheduled home loan payments, especially when refinancing to a lower rate. See the below example that shows an indication of what you can do.

Imagine swimming in your new Rainwise pool for under $6.00 a week! Sounds great doesn’t it.  For less than the price of a take away lunch once a week, you could potentially have a new pool, improve the value of your property and improve your lifestyle…  Food for thought…


First things first.


The first step is to contact Rainwise Pools to discuss your project. One of our expert pool quoting team can come to visit the site to give you a full detailed quote.  We can discuss your dream pool and offer advice and quotes for everything from the pool to the paving, fencing, water features, we can do as much or as little as you like. Once you have a full understanding of the complete project you can discuss finance options with Geoff at Aussie Doncaster and see how easy it could be to turn your dream pool into reality. The Aussie Doncaster team will answer all your questions concerning finance and we are confident that you will be very impressed with their extensive knowledge and service.


One last thing


Even the experts agree.

The research is clear; pools can add significant value to your property. See this great article from the Secret Agent published in 2017.

For more information please contact Rainwise and let’s get started! 1800RAINWISE



  • All applications are subject to approval and terms and conditions. Please discuss your individual situation with the team at Aussie to see what will work best for you.  We are pool experts, that why we leave the finance to the finance experts. Do some research and get expert advice. Other than knowing we are offering a great finance option and possibly making owing a pool easier, there is no other benefit to Rainwise. We are simply want to help make pool ownership achievable and have you swimming & enjoying life a new Rainwise pool.


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