A Rainwise Salt chlorinated pool is already super easy and low maintainance… but things just got even better!


Looking after your pool just got a whole lot easier with Waterco’s brand new Automatic water management system. With just the touch of a button the Chemflo- Plus will continuously analyse your pool water so that the water chemistry is correct, keeping water safe, healthy & ready to swim.

Chemflo-Plus will not only automatically sanitize your pool but also control the waters PH balance. This will leave your pool safe and healthy without you having to put that extra time and effort into maintaining your pool water chemistry. And best of all you can retrofit this onto your current system. Yay!

Not only does it reduce amount of work you need to put into your pool but it will also cut unnecessary costs. The system is automated so that it will only dose the pool when chemicals are required. You will never have to put all of those extra chemicals in your pool to bring your water back into its correct range. With the Chemflo-Plus your pool will always be balanced, looking perfect & ready to swim!. Another plus is that maintaining correct water balance protects your pool equipment and even your pool shell warranty.

The Chemflo-Plus has been set up so that it will fit in perfectly with your salt water chlorinator.  The main controller will give a reading to the chlorinator to notify it when chlorine is needed. Not only this, but the Chemflo-Plus can even add liquid chlorine to give the pool an extra boost to sanitize the water. This is usually needed, for example, when the salt water chlorinator can’t keep up when you have a pool party or big group of swimmers in your pool and it may need some assistance in sanitizing it.

The system works by having a probe that gives a reading to the controller which will send that information to the salt water chlorinator or the systems PH doser. Acid will be pumped into the pool to manage the PH levels and the chlorinator will turn on and produce chlorine. Better yet it will also send a reading to the dosing pump for liquid chlorine if the pool is needed for that extra shock to sanitize the pool.  It’s like having your own ‘Pool Boy’ keeping an eye on things J

No need to worry if you don’t have a salt water chlorinator and you rely on liquid chlorine. The Chemflo-Plus also works just as well with dosing liquid chlorine to keep your pool safe and healthy. This magnificent system is suitable with anyone that is lucky enough to own their own swimming pool.

The Chemflo-Plus automatic water management system can be retro fitted to most existing pool systems. It is a great way to reduce costs and also cut down on extra maintenance time. Let the Chemflo do the work so you can do the relaxing.

If you have any questions or enquiries about this fabulous product don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff and we will be able to help to make owning a pool even more enjoyable!!




Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Chemflo Plus automatic water management system Uncategorized


Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Chemflo Plus automatic water management system Uncategorized

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