Once you have decided on your Swimming Pools size and position, the next important item to consider is your pool safety barrier.

You will need to decide on your pool fence type and position prior to applying for the pool permit. We must include your permanent safety barrier details in our building permit application.

The Australian Standard (AS) 1926.1-2012 outlines the requirements for the design and construction of your pool safety barrier.

Your Swimming Pool Safety Barrier must comply with the following:

  • The height of the barrier should not be less than 1200mm (1.2 metres)
  • Where the boundary fence acts as a part of the safety barrier to the pool, it should not be less than 1800mm when measured from the inside of the barrier to the solid finished surface (1.8 metres)
  • The height of any opening between the bottom of the fence and the ground level should not exceed 100m (10cm). Any gaps in your safety barrier must not exceed 100m (10cm).
  • The barrier must be made from a durable material such as timber, steel or glass.
  • Gates must swing outwards from the swimming pool area and be fitted with a self-closing and self-latching device. This device must prevent the gate from being reopened and cannot be reached from outside the barrier by young children.
  • The walls of a building can be considered part of the safety barrier as long as any windows that open onto the pool area are fitted with child resistant metal screens or bars. Or any windows opening onto pool yard must be permanently restricted to opening a maximum of 100mm (10cm).
  • The safety barrier and the area around it should be free from handholds or footholds, climbable objects or plants that can be used to gain access to the pool area.
  • Swimming Pools must not have direct access to the pool area via a door from a building, such as a house or shed.
  • A 900mm non-climbable zone must be maintained from the top of the inside pool fence at all times.

(Images showing a beautiful, functional and compliant fully frameless glass fence)

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Pool Safety Barriers Pool Tips & Info

A beautiful and fully compliant frameless glass fence.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Pool Safety Barriers Pool Tips & Info

An example of how beautiful a fully compliant fence can be.

This is just a general summary of AS 1926.1 please contact us for more information or check out the SPASA website for more information.

Attached below is the VBA Pool Fence Fact Sheet & additional Rainwise Info to help ensure fence compliance.

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