Our Pool Shells – When only the best will do! 

The most important part of your new pool installation is the pool shell itself! Rainwise has had experience with several fibreglass manufactures over the years and we believe we have now found the best pool shells Australia has to offer!

Rainwise Pools Melbourne is proud to exclusively sell and install the magnificent range of quality Conquest Pools shells.

Like Rainwise, Conquest pools are a family owned and run business. Conquest provides both unsurpassed quality and fantastic customer service.

Conquest are Victoria’s largest manufacturer of fibreglass pools. We have found that their experience, expertise and quality standards are above and beyond any other.

By choosing Victoria’s largest Fibreglass pool manufacturer, Rainwise can be sure that the pool shell we install for our clients is of premium construction, manufactured to perfection and backed up with a 25-year structural warranty.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Our Fibreglass Pool Shells Pool Tips & Info

Reasons to choose Conquest:

1. Bigger range of shapes and sizes

With over 30 pools ranging in size from 4mt to 13.5mt, we have a pool design to suit almost every home and every family. http://conquestpools.com.au/shapes-sizes

Uniquely, Conquest displays all our pool sizes using inside waterline measurements. 


2. Better range of colours

With over 35 Colours to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice. With Culture Colours, Sequins Colours, Crystal Granite and even Special order Colours we will have a colour that is just right for you.


3. Almost 50 years experience in creating quality fibreglass pool shells

All pool shells are manufactured with advanced marine technology, guaranteed customer support and backed with a 25yr warranty. The Conquest range of fibreglass pool shells are made on flawless moulds that are built to laser precision. The result is a perfect pool every time. This makes installation a breeze, and the finished project reflects the quality of the pool shell.

4. Victorian made and owned

Conquest pools state of the art manufacturing facility is based in Shepparton in country Victoria. Being Victorian made, our pool shells are free from interstate transport damage. Many interstate manufactures multi stack pool shells in order to cut freight costs and the result can be damage to the pool shells. Conquest pool shells are never multi stacked and come expertly delivered without expensive interstate shipping costs.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Our Fibreglass Pool Shells Pool Tips & Info

5. Beautiful pools!

The main reason we choose to sell Conquest Pool shells is that they, quite simply, manufacture beautiful pools. Beautiful Pools, beautiful shapes and beautiful colours, along with fabulous service. They ensure each and every pool they build is made to perfection and the quality processes used ensure that a Conquest Pool from Rainwise is the best fibreglass pool you can buy.


Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Our Fibreglass Pool Shells Pool Tips & Info

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