Rainwise – Davey Pool Products

ChloroMatic® salt water sanitiser

Combine the feel of natural, clean, sparking pool water with automated pool chlorination. With a big choice of models, the Davey Chloromatic Salt Water Chlorinator is ideal for all residential pools. Plus you get Davey’s easy-to-use controls, easy-to-clean reverse polarity cell and the option of automatic pH control.


Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Davey EcoSalt Salt Water Sanitiser

Safe and sparkling salt water all season long at an affordable price is a reality. The Davey EcoSalt automatically sanitises small to medium sized pools and spas and gives you economical, simple operation in a compact unit. EcoSalt gives you ‘set and forget’ convenience and the reverse polarity cell makes cleaning quick and easy.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Davey OzoMatic Ozone Sanitation

Gentle to people, safe for the environment and a powerful oxidiser, the Davey OzoMatic reduces chemical usage and costs only a few cents a day to run. Davey OzoMatic – together with your Davey salt water sanitiser – produces pristine quality water, naturally.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Rainwise – Davey Pool Pumps

PowerMaster ECO Series and PowerMaster Pool Pumps

Davey PowerMaster ECO Series gives you outstanding 8-star energy efficiency with low running cost and exceptional performance. With three speeds at your fingertips, you can control every pool operation for maximum savings. Or opt for the original Davey PowerMaster, a robust and powerful single speed pool pump with several motor sizes, designed to perfectly suit all pool sizes and applications.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Silensor® pool pumps and Silensor® ECO Series

Are you after the quietest of pool pumps? The name says it all… Davey Silensor. The patented water- cooled motor makes Silensor so quiet, you can use it at any time of the day or night. The range offers an optional extra large leaf basket for fewer cleans, giving you the perfect single speed pool pump for any residential use. Silensor ECO Series boasts a 6-star energy efficiency rating for low running costs and is perfect for above ground pools or smaller pools close to your home.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Rainwise – Davey Pool Filters

Crystal Clear® and EcoPure® Media Filters

Make your pool water sparkle with Davey media filters. The Crystal Clear range uses Davey designed ‘t-laterals’ for more efficient water use during filtration and backwashing; extending the time between backwashes saving you time, water and money. The EcoPure range is economical, very reliable and easy to use. Davey media filters come with a 10-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind and a clear pool for years to come.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Crystal Clear® and EcoPure® Cartridge Filters

Davey cartridge filters are the economic alternative for the water-conscious swimming pool or spa pool owner, with no backwashing required. Suited to energy efficient pumps such as Davey ECO series, Davey cartridge filters are easy to use and built with high quality materials. Crystal Clear can be matched with any pump or pool size or chose EcoPure for your smaller pool.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Rainwise – Davey Pool Heaters

Davey gas heaters

Swim and entertain all year round with a Davey Gas Heater. These heaters run on natural gas or propane and utilise hot surface ignition for optimal energy savings. Straightforward to operate, Davey Gas Heaters come with an optional remote control. Great for both indoor and outdoor installations, they’re the ideal choice for heating virtually any pool and spa.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Rainwise – Davey Pool Extras

Waterblade Waterfall

Make your friends green… or blue or red with envy by adding ‘spectacular’ to your pool and garden design with the Davey Waterblade LED light and waterfall system. Shimmering ambient lights in gorgeous colours and the tranquil sounds of running water are available at the flick of a switch from a Davey control system. Get it all with your Waterblade and add features that will enchant your family and guests.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products

Lights for in or around the pool

Fully integrated Wi-Fi and remote control technology. Control your pool lights with the convenience of your smart phone with the PAL app. Suitable for fibreglass pools. The “mini” range can be used in or out of the pool.

Rainwise Pools Melbourne - Davey Pool Products