About Rainwise Pools Melbourne

Rainwise is not only a pool shop but a business offering complete water solutions. Our happy customers enjoy a timeless pool that adds value to their property and promotes sustainable practices. 

Rainwise takes great pride in being members of SPASA, Davey Master Dealer members and part of the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia. Rainwise have received many awards for our sustainable pools. We provide clever pools that utilise water saving and water harvesting devices to not only save water but minimise costs through reduced chemical, energy and water use.

With a responsible attitude to manufacturing and installation, Rainwise’s clients not only get a great pool but one that looks after the environment as well. Rainwise provides tailor made solutions, from the initial pool selection to the best energy and water efficiencies to run the pool long term.

The Rainwise range of pools are ISO Quality Assured and are built to the highest standards. Pools are designed & manufactured with superior wall thickness, structural integrity and quality finishes. A Rainwise pool is quite simply, the best fibreglass pool you can buy.